Brew Beer

Brew your own beer. From scratch. After a few batches decide that this is what you do. Invest heavily in home brew equipment and proper means of serving and enjoying it.

This isn’t some colored-water posing as an alcoholic drink. This is a a rich, unexpected-ingredient-infused concoction worth discussing in great detail every time you drink it. This is what’s in it and how it is best served. And of course serve it in only in a glass of the proper for the type of beer that it is. Pilsners in pilsner glasses. Belgiums in Belgium-style glasses.

The fullest of hipsters also will order (or make) their own etched pint glasses for their made up brewery. You have two brewery name options – (1) after the street you live on or (2) your family name. Such as, “The Brewery on [X]” or “The [X] Brewery”.


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