The Original Hipster was born in 198X and wore grandpa white velcro sneakers to high school, wore trucker caps before they became mainstream popular, and claims to have been “hipster before hipsters were hipsters”.

Then once everyone else started to a say that they too were hipsters and grow long beards the OFH claimed to no longer be a hipster yet maintained his/her hipster ways just by continuing to march to the tune of his/her own banjo (or fiddle). That’s the classic sign of a full hipster.

If you’re gonna go hipster it’s best to go full hipster. 

Contact us at gofullhipster[at]gmail.[com] or follow us @gofullhipster.

Have a suggestion as to what makes a Full Hipster? Send us a description of what it is, why it is full hipster, and any evidentiary photo. Then impatiently wait to see if we agree with you. If we do then we probably will add it to the site, potentially giving you credit but possibly just stealing your idea. But hey we may use your photo and that is kind of like giving you credit.

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